Fashion Secret

Smack dab in the middle of summer, I am feeling jejune about the fabulousness of my closet including clothing and accessories. Mon Dieu! Since the sales on fine designer digs are clearly over (did you get anything at the Net-A-Porter sale?) and the fall clothing is starting to trickle in stores and on the world-wide web, there’s not much to buy, just yet. All I really want to do is trade it in my winning wardrobe for another stylist’s closet. And boy did I get lucky. LuCkY, LUCKY. This past Saturday I raided Alex White’s closet in Amagansett to the tune of Chloe, Gucci, Oscar, Lanvin, Chanel, Balenciaga, Marni, and Wang. It was a backstage pass into her 15 year stint at W magazine and a ticket to score a one-of-a-kind rare piece. Prices you ask? Phenomenal. Scroll down and check out some of my finds that I hunted down.

Marni top, Balenciaga suede mini bag. Get a similar one here.

Chanel dress

Oscar de la Renta jacket

It’s always a great idea to sell your clothing, check out my stuff frequently on Copious! start fresh and make room in your life for newness. Most every female asks me “where did you get that?” to which I reply, “it’s in perfect condition, do you want to buy it”? Just kidding. I hand out my biz card, but I have been known to sell things right off my body. But my point is ladies, if you’re looking for the perfect off-white ruffled blouse or that bag, abandon the usually suspects and let the stylist’s voice lead the way. BTW, Oversize ruffles are always happening and fingers crossed that this event happens again next year!

Happy Monday! xxoo

Phillip Lim clutch

Balenciaga classic tote


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  1. I lOve the red mini bag, just what I “want want”. The link to that is broken though 🙁 Ah! one of these days I’ll get one just like that : ) Love your blog btw

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