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rag-and-bone-sweater Rag and Bone Varsity Sweater, $395.00

The Real Deal.

When this tennis sweater on steroids hit the runways last fall, I wasn’t sure how it would translate to real life. I knew that I couldn’t wear the oversized sweater with a short skirt, as I am vertically challenged, but I knew that I could put my own spin on it. Hailing from the 80’s, this v-neck look is reminiscent of a dad sweater, but that’s cool with me.

Why I bought it.

I wanted to add a sporty twist to my wardrobe, forgoing the standard white T-shirt, without looking like a tennis pro. I added universally liked boyfriend jeans and open-toe sandals to the sweater equipped with a real plunging neckline. Easy, chic, flattering, and perfect for my end goal.

The Test.

The test of whether a piece is worth its weight or its hefty price rage, is calculating how many times you wear the garment divided by the price. So if the sweater in question is $395., I would need to wear it way over 10 times for it to be a worthwhile purchase. To date, I have put on this uniform five times, to meetings, to parties, and to hang out, and the simplicity of this three-piece look is what I was after here.

Truth be told, I see myself doing everything but sleeping in it.

rag & bone varsity sweater


rag & bone varsity sweater

rag & bone varsity sweater

rag & bone varsity sweater

rag & bone varsity sweater

rag & bone v-neck sweater // acne studios jeans // tibi sandals

Photos: Lydia Hudgens

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