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Embracing Easy Dressing

Hey New York! Accuweather showed up on my smartphone this morning, announcing “this will be the coldest week since 1994” ALERT! Wind Chill warning. The rest of the week looks the same with high and lows in the single digits with another chance of snow for Tuesday. I wonder why I live here on the North Pole.

The trials of getting dressed on a normal day would be easy, I would throw on my Canada Goose and call it a day. But this is isn’t a normal week. It’s fashion week. What the f*ck am I going to wear?!?

I know I am not alone. This notion will invariably prove frustrating for other Fashion Week show-goers, with plans of wearing profoundly colorful arsenals of not-quite-coats but not exactly jackets either. Wide-leg pant and skirt zealots will have to wonder what’s more important: ice-cold air seeping through the bottom of your pants or potentially harmful frost bite that yields a really great photo.

There are those who will sacrifice their dermis for fashion, but I refuse to freeze my butt off for the sake of appearing on a web feed the following day. Call me crazy.

The most important thing for me is to stay warm. And that is simple, Layer, layer, layer. My hands, feet and head need to be semi-warm, and the rest of your body is fair game. What do you say?

So starting at the feet, I have thick black tights underneath my pants, socks over them, and wedge-heel ankle boots that are hiding underneath the flared leg. A beanie on my head, and an oversized scarf to wrap me up.

What I wore to Fashion Week

And I’m wearing:’ Inverni beanie / Zara 2-piece suit, get a similar one here / and other Stories faux fur / Asos oversized scarf / Stella McCartney wedge-heel ankle boots / Saint Laurent duffle bag / Sama sunglasses, get a similar pair here

Zara playsuit

Zara scarf

Saint Laurent duffle bag

faux fur coat

Photos: Lydia Hudgens 

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