Daisy Marc Jacobs Tweet Shop

Art by Langley Fox, Beats by DJ duo The Jane Doze, and #MJDAISYCHAIN were all key elements to the success of the Daisy Marc Jacobs Tweet Shop event last night.

Marc Jacobs

Among the crowd of bloggers and editors was Anna Kendrick, Phoebe Tonkin and Jamie Chung. Many guests got creative with their poses in the photobooth, which featured huge bottles of the Daisy perfume in a field of…wait for it… daisys. I even got a photo of my own which I printed out into a little sticker.

Me at MJ

Me at the event

Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick posing in the photobooth

Guests left with a full-sized “Daisy” perfume, a print by Langley Fox  (who was in attendance herself) and a few glasses of bubbly in their systems.

The most incredible thing about the shop is that no money is exchanged. Instead users can tag photos and tweets with the hashtag #MJDAISYCHAIN in order to get their own mini-perfume. Handbags and other Marc Jacobs items will be given out to a few lucky winners each day. Today’s winners were picked by Aimee Song of Song of Style.

The pop-up shop is open for the rest of the weekend and will be featuring DJ Jilly Hendrix as well as snacks and manicures. Check out the promo video and watch out for me at 11 seconds!

Special thanks to Timur Civan for the pictures, and Mash+Studio, and The Lionesque Group for putting on this amazing event!

Check out the Marc Jacobs shop this weekend! xo

Written by Sarah Murray.

Edited by Stephanie Unter

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