Currently Craving / Bathing Suit Edition

Based on this week’s hot and sunny weather, it’s clearly bathing suit season here in New York. I have all intentions in getting into one of these this weekend, rain or shine as I am craving a day at the beach. But, finding the perfect swimsuit ain’t easy. Once you finally get excited about one, you’ll want plenty of excuses to wear it: for a day trip to the beach, a weekend on the lake, or just a day in the city.

Why not wear that bikini top out with a pair of culottes? It may seem a bit risqué to bare your bathing suit without a body of water in sight, but not so with these some of these pieces and a slew of artful styling ideas. I love these specific looks from the H&M campaign.

how to wear a crop bikini

crop top

From layering a bikini top over a plain shirt to swapping out your bra or crop top for a swimsuit, there are some cool ways to beat the heat at this season’s ace lineup of outdoor concerts and beyond — all without letting your sartorial sensibilities slide. That’s a good thing, since I firmly believe in bending some major style rules to get extra mileage out of our shiny new suits.

Everyone has a different body type so here is a hot list of the best swimsuits around.

bathing suit season

From the top left to right, SHOP THE BATHING SUITS

Topshop high neck bikini set. Shop Similar

Dolce and Gabanna one-piece set

Blue Man white bikini

Clover Canyon marble one-piece suit

Triangl bikini set. Shop SIMILAR

 8 orange one-piece

Marysia scalloped bikini

Lisa Marie Fernandez Arden Flounce Maillot

Boohoo beach Aztec bikini

Mara Hoffman harvest cutout printed one-piece

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