Crimson Tide

Are you ready to go micro? It was in the recent edition of Harper’s Bazaar that I read the Rise and Fall of Hemlines, regarding the return of the miniskirt and of brief minis and/or of bottoms, for that matter. I get that minis stop an outfit from looking too serious. But what if your relationship with your legs isn’t where you want it to be? What about your age? As far as I can see with Gwynneth leading the fashion pack, as judging from my Twitter interactions yesterday, age doesn’t matter, diet and exercise help, and you don’t have to be skinny to pull it off. Minis are showing up in all lengths, from mid-thigh at Chanel, to the Kardashian cut at Isabel Marant and I’m all for freedom of choice. But where did the pencil skirt go and did it ever leave?

It wold be unfair to say it ever left, and there really isn’t a resurgence in any skirt length as they didn’t go anywhere far enough. They have taken a back seat to tuxedo pants, maybe. The pencil skirt silhouette is timeless so no mater what the genre or decade, it will always be relevant. More serious for sure, the pencil skirt needs a little belly laugh to inject some humor into its offering. Powerful as it may be, it needs to be undermined. And what a better notion to mix it up than the grunginess of a biker jacket, the vulnerability of a crop top, a beanie, and some bad-ass shoes? You may not be taken as seriously, but isn’t fashion supposed to be fun? Get ready to start utilizing what you’ve got.

Cue the takes below.


Linda Farrow for The Row sunglasses, Missguided Chloe crop top, DSQUARED2 moto jacket, Kimberly Ovitz pencil skirt, Aquatalia Fierce envelope clutch, Givenchy high-heeled sandals, Prada beanie



And while you’re here: What do you think of my new Balenciaga tube rings? They looked so cool on the runways, and they were on my “I need now” list. They are horribly expensive, but once I got my fingers on these beauties I can’t seem to take them off. Oh Nicolas, we will miss you. And finally, check out Rena For Marvin K.’s brand spanking new handbag line Aquatalia. I love the combo of crimson and lizard print, another big hit for spring.


AYH lightening bolt and lips necklaces.



Photographs Lydia Hudgens

Okay now, what do you think? Will you wear mini skirts or stick to the pencil?

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  1. Rebekka

    Hi. Do you know of some place to buy the balenciaga rings you are waring on these pictures? I live in Norway, where we dont have a balenciaga shop, and I cant find them anywhere online.

    Kind regards, Rebekka 🙂

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