Chanel Vintage Gems for Your Eyes Only

I have a case of the Mondays. The only way to get rid of this sickness, is to get a kiss or a hug from your child on their way to school. That request is potentially quite dicey. The next best thing? To receive an email from NastyGal announcing this: a rare vintage Chanel sale.

Maybe you are craving a new bag? Or, you haven’t started your holiday shopping yet. I am in a constant state of confusion by the ever-growing list of friends, family, frenemies, acquaintances, and well-meaning neighbors, all of whom somehow seem to be on THE list. I have bought scented candles, stationary in previous years, but for the high rollers on your list, that might just need that special piece, head over to Nasty Gal

From nineties-era cell-phone holders and visors to a monochromatic basketball and perfume flaçon pendant, these amazingly outré rare vintage Chanel items are up now. Just remember, a girl can dream. Head over here, to take a peek. Game ON.

vintage Chanel

vintage Chanel

Photos courtesy of NastyGal

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