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Today, an email popped into my inbox, along with my MBFW chic Instagram feed, exclaiming the beginning of Sydney Fashion Week to be wowing us yet again. Yes, Sydney has become a strong player in the fashion game. With the likes of Ellery, Camilla & Marc, Han, New Generation, and five straight days of buzzing presentations, it seems that Down Under is the place to be right now, not Coachella. Just kidding. If music is what you are after, head over to Indio without regrets.

When Australian Fashion Week rises from down under, and just like that the jaded minds take heed. Before I start analyzing the trends, perhaps we should look to the streets where Zara baseball jackets, and a new crop of coolness is flexing its sartorial muscles.

Consider the pics below as your source of inspiration for budding wardrobes.The Homies beanie, Raglan sleeve jacket printed with the words “Victory”, bra tops over T-shirts, T-shirts revealing more than they should, and the ubiquitous Balenciaga rings. And the woman wearing these knock-me-dead looks? Take your time clicking through, there’s something strangely beautiful to spot in each of these looks.Ten points for Australia.





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