All the Fashion I Want To Buy

white jacket

plaid jacket

plaid shirt

All the fashion I need to buy

white coat

Storets plaid top

DVF jacket

AG Jeans

JW Anderson bag

Stella McCartney booties, SHOP SIMILAR 

January is a slow month in the fashion industry where couture is happening, Fall 2017 is on deck, and Spring is a mere 3 months away. I have resolved not buy anything new as my way to prove to myself that I can re-wear items in my closet that need to see the light of day. If my clothing is not worn, they go to to my friends at TheRealReal for another person’s pleasure. It occurred to me why I regularly purge my closet. It is probably to save room for new things. But, there is all the fashion I want to buy right at my fingertips.

Here are three warning signs when it is time to purge.

I realize it is the time to purge when…
Does the object bring you joy. If the piece in question doesn’t give me joy, or I can’t wear in multiple scenarios, it goes. Most of the time, it’s to make room for new stuff. Purging to get more stuff sounds like a bad habit to break. And yes it is. Fashion and playing dress up does spark my creativity whereas buying new stuff does not. Working on it.

Is it Ill-fitting. Let’s take shoes for example. I have a very wide foot, but a narrow heel. Most of my shoes are comfortable, but some of my heels slip off. My podiatrist recently told me to only buy designers that fit me well. I love Gianvito Rossi, Jimmy Choo, so I will stick with those.

Are your closets stuffed. When you can’t close your closet doors, you know that you can’t buy anything else. So don’t.

The idea behind this is awesome, but the execution is difficult. When I do clean out my closets, I admit, income way, I do feel lighter. Maybe it has something to do my meditation, I am not sure. In any case, the sales are still going strong, and I am holding on tight to prevent the shopping urge to set in. But with the extra 75% off everything, I wonder what I am missing. What about all the fashion I want to buy? Most likely, it is just more stuff.

white jacket


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