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I have already capitalized on the notion of wearing copious amounts of accessories on top of accessories on many occasions. (See Framed, Groovy Freaks, and fun finery across ze pond in Milan. If I seem to be obsessed with accessories, you are not wrong. I tend to pile tons of bags and baubles on my body. Sometimes though, it is better to err on the side of caution, and there are reasons for this thought process. It goes like this. You are invited to a jewelry party where there are numerous brands that are willing to share their wares with you for a chance to be on you. In a picture, in a mug shot. Last week I attended a Happy Hour(s) with the cool moms at Elk Studios, where shots were taken, sushi was digested, and jewels were abundant. I thought about what to wear and figured it was probably better to wear just a simple white tee shirt, cool ass green jeans, and some Dannijo clunkers on my wrist. And then I proceeded to add some charms for charms sake. So here you go. This pic says wipe that stupid smile off your face, that outfit is boringgggg as hell. But do check out the tiny pops of bright turquoise on my neck. Now that’s good.

 Nation tee-shirt, Citizens of Humanity overdyed skinny jeans, Melinda Maria Momma and baby turquoise necklaces, Dannijo cuffs here and here.  Asos clutch

Ultimately, this is not a how-to dress up for (s)mug shot post. I’m pulling a Lindsay Lohan — don’t I look villainous? This is actually a profile shot just so you can see my overdue highlights perfectly highlighted blonde locks and the smirk. Its a how-to go to jail FREE card. Please proceed to the highlighted route.

Here is close-up of the aforementioned necklace. With my twitter handle piece from Bauble Bar added as a layer. Pretty freakin cool, huh? You can order your own initial necklace here . And here is the Melinda Maria necklace. FYI- they also make tiger stud earrings! Consume. them. here 

The best part of my evening was not only meeting other cool people, but winning, yes, actually winning a rock the size of Timbuktu just for putting my name and twitter handle @nyfashionhunter in a jar.

So here’s to mingling longer than anyone else just, well you know, FTW.  And that was clearly the win. Graziela Clear Factor Ring in Aqaumarine

Mug shots by Elk Studios. Random photos by nyfashionhunter on Instagram.

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