Accessories Addition

I have been quite minimal on the accessories front as the invasion of normore has taken over my wardrobe but I am about to get it back.

Here are some accessories thou shall not leave home without. Let’s call this the Accessories Addition.

Jewelry. I am guilty of not having enough time to put on my rings, bangles, and necklaces due to summer laziness. Jewelry is just as important as white sneakers and brushing your teeth, so make sure those wrists and fingers are decked with flavor. Check out the new stuff at Michael Hill for inspiration.

Belts for your waist. Be it a pouch, a rope, braided, whatever. Belts add dimension to your waist, your hips. They add a dose of sprinkles to your ice cream,

Neckties and super skinny chokers for your necks.

Clips for your hair.

Neutrals to cloak your body, very into camel right now.

Sure you can cloak your body with nothing but a dress or a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. But why would you do that when you have this? See the below pic for inspiration.

accessories addition

Steffen Shraut white shirt

Brave Obi wrap leather belt

Mother of Pearl green shorts

Ralph Lauren Collection boots

Accessories on left:

Alex & Ani charm bangle / 14K rings shop here and here / Wildfox sunglasses

Accessories on right:

 Vintage Cartier earrings / Madewell bracelet stack / Dana Rebecca bracelet / Simply Soles fringe bag

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