Nymph Mood


Getting dressed for fashion week fills me with fear and dread. I pick out looks days, weeks, and sometimes I ponder what I am going to wear in August. It is seriously so much more pressure than getting ready for bed where I put on a T-shirt and boy shorts. That process is so streamlined and simple. Try as I might, I don’t like to wear outlandish clothes that scream Zoolander, so I wear what I feel comfortable and therefore confident. On day one of fashion week, on my birthday, I wore three things: this simple ethereal Dries Van Noten dress from the spring collection, white platform sandals, and a fringe bag. I was definitely in a nymph mood.

Here lies the problem. If you wear a simple outfit similar to something you would wear to a brunch date, the photographers will look you up and down, whip out their cameras, and then quickly put them down, like you are worth absolutely nothing. Note to self, during fashion week, I feel next to nothing.

Since the fashion shows have moved down to Starlight studios and other downtown destinations, the bid for posers have lost their grip. Nowhere to be seen are the wannabes hanging by the fountain desperate for attention. Yet the fashion industry still showers celebrities and superwomen with front row seats, gifts and outfits of their choice for their desire to have them photographed in their clothes.

The game of sizing each other up, and judging who looks good and who doesn’t really sucks. It’s a petri dish of insecure women that I don’t choose to be a part of. If you are looking for me, I’ll be one of the women in comfortable clothing.

Happy fashion week!

Dries Van Noten dress

dries van noten

Wearing Dries Van Noten dress, SHOP SIMILAR 

Dolce Vita platform sandals

Proenza Schouler bag

Nymph mood

nymph mood

nymph mood

nymph mood

dries van noten

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Photos: Lydia Hudgens

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