A Spring lift

May Day. May Day. Although it is grey and yukky outside, the calendar remains the same. I mentioned a few times in my recent blog posts about getting in shape, wearing bandeaus, back in March in preparation for the months ahead. Here is more living proof that I am not the only crazy one asking if and how you are going to wear the crop top this season. When asked that question, a mixed joint of reactions via Net-A-Porter live TV came alive and flying through my inbox this morning. I thought I would put it up for laughs, join in the fun, and ask the same of you. Did you motivate to do 300 sit-ups daily? I did NOT, so I will be wearing those striped Alice and Olivia high-waisted pants that I happen to love. Or these See by Chloe trousers are really awesome too. This quick video is sure to crack a smile if nothing else. I know it inspired me today after feeling the blahs as I sit here indoors watching the rain fall.

Happy May!  xxoo

Video via Net-A-Porter

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