A Flowery Frock

With a little playfulness and lots of imagination, let’s go for a sartorial spin through the vegetable garden. From eggplant to tomatoes and zucchini to fugly peppers, the fantastic combos of veggies marry so well with the colorful blossoming flowers in the surrounding mountains this time of year. Harkening back to the clothing silhouettes of the another era where women wore proper, formal, and more ladylike clothing, like shirt dresses and full poufy skirts worn above the knee-this season, the 50’s are back albeit a fruitier version of that golden era.  Apples, oranges, and other fruits have been making an appearance in prints and patterns on the runway. Just look at Dolce and Gabbana’s S2012 chili pepper outfit here, and here —they look fresh, displaying nature’s abundance with a simple and clean style. Simple I say, simple. Fashion has moved too far into the concrete jungle that we live–fast fashion finally slows down in the grassy spot and lingers . Take a look at the master Audrey Hepburn– the ultimate in chic simplicity.


Let’s take peak inside of Korean-born designer Samantha Sung’s big brain for a minute. More whimsical and fun, her fresh and imaginative designs are updated versions of the 50’s styles. These styles are reflections of her world travels and inspirations that are drawn from exotic destinations, local cultures, and indigenous anthropologies. More “green” than black, every one of her stunning prints has a story and a history. Hand-painted  prints live at the intersection between vivid imagination and authentic craftsmanship. Your erotic imagination should be running wild by now. With all this food porn, you should have a boner (or at least crave a salad.). HA! Inspired by Audrey Hepburn, hence the name of my dress, The Audrey we go.


 Samantha Sung Audrey dress, Prada nude heels, Alexander McQueen sunnies, Isabel Marant bracelets.

Cherry-ripe tomatoes are sensual yes, and the surreal tandem of fashion and violets is just plain fun. Fashion needs a laugh. C’mon, let that soda come out of your nose. And have a few tomatoes. Imagination stirred with the splendor’s of nature can be quite beautiful and can make great tomato sauce too.

I challenge you to guess where this was taken. First one to guess wins the longest cucumber. 😉 No flight necessary. See ya later fashion plates!

All photos that rock by Michael Crook.

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  1. carole howard

    you’re dress is absolutely adorable…you look great!!
    The dolce chili pepper skirt is great. Not so sure how I would look in that shape…I tend to feel fat in all that skirt,,,unless of course I wore super high heels to balance it out! xo

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