Winter Blues

New Yorkers like to complain. I know because I am one of them. Either it’s too cold, too hot, or never enough cabbies to go around. Yesterday was so frigid, I asked on Twitter why frostbite was not trending. And there it was. Hashtag #fingerswithfrostbite. Those texting gloves really don’t work, do they? It’s winter and it sucks. And unless you’re skiing down the slopes, “winter wonderland” ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. Why? As if you have to ask. Walking five blocks is difficult without escaping to a hot cocoa joint to warm up your frigid bones. Losing one glove sucks. And standing outside is worse. Nightlife? What’s that. Socializing with friends has become null and void. The lack of sunlight doesn’t help, my skin is suffering, and today is nine degrees. The good news is I am abiding by my New Year’s Resolutions, and although shoe options this time of year are bleak, I am sticking to self-taught layering tactics that lead to a simple fashion uniform.

Bundled up in blue, yet not feeling blue, is the way to go. I have been obsessing over blue lately and its infinite palette options. How about mixing blues and greens together? That pop of green is just the right addition for the doldrums of mid-winter. And the best thing about this outfit? Full disclosure, it’s all on sale.


Jeans are jeans, but style is what you do with them. My particular favorite pair are these stained boyfriend jeans from NSF. Ripped up and slouchy in just the right places, they successfully conceal the body parts that have been in hibernation for way too long. The top is fromTibi and although I am over peplums, this floral one was the canvas for this outfit. The ribbed knit from J W Anderson is the happy piece to the puzzle. Click the pictures below for details on what I am wearing. And, as always, they are available for purchase. Optimized links, et al.



Here’s a particular favorite: the cobalt blue wool fitted coat. Ultimately warm when belted, the Sophie Hulme contrast coat is one-of-a-kind, and boom! on sale for $586.00. I got it at Owen NYC, one of my go-to shops in the city. Alexander Wang beanie on sale for woop! $79.00. Warby Parker sunnies Portolano cashmere-lined gloves FTW (warmth), Alexander Wang clutch now going for $215.00.

I have decided that I hate tights, so that leaves me with two options: boots, or pants. Down south, killer mid-calf booties. Thigh-high boots are made for women above five feet nothing so that leaves me out. Mid-calf color blocking snake-skin versions rule. In this case, it’s go big or go home. Here’s a close-up.



I have been experimenting a bit with sunglasses as well. More to come on that real soon.



Photography by Lydia Hudgens.

Finally, never say no to the fox funnel. This one by Glamourpuss has not come off my neck FOR A WEEK.  Stay warm! xo

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  1. Leslie Raffiti

    I love blues and greens together and you made them look like they belong together. Bravo for facing the cold but looking so hot!!

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