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When the Shoe Fits

Donald Pliner when the shoe fits

Donald Pliner

Donald Pliner

Donald Pliner

Shoes: Donald Pliner

Bag: JW Anderson

When the clouds finally stop sneezing and spitting, fashion actually comes to life. I am so ready to whip out my spring clothes and shoes, but not when I am sopping wet. As evidenced last week, and executed quite nicely this weekend, our so-called “spring” turned into a bleak February-like status. I wanted to break out those florals and open-toe sandals, but would not freeze on the the account of fashion. I don’t know what “fashion” with a capital F is anymore. Is it the industry itself that has changed? Or is it me? The definition is blurry. For me, creative expression takes the form of writing, styling, and clothing, an object that someone can wear. I had the pleasure of styling the new collection by Donald J Pliner  with their brand new spring shoe styles for 2017. Because when the shoe fits you go with it.

Inspired by energy and spirit 

I am inspired by destinations which influence my style. When I get dressed in the morning, I imagine myself to be somewhere amazing which gives me energy and spirit. I always plan my outfits and start with the shoes. If I do the opposite, I end up confused and have to begin all over again from the bottom up. Shoes should transform your look and add the element of fun. Plus, being comfortable is very important. On this rare spring day, I wore these patterned snake-skin embossed mules, and felt like a boss. Donald Pliner embodies the same spirit by combining fashion, fit, and comfort in all their styles. I have been invited to Donald Pliner press preview days for many years, and appreciate the innovation of materials and quality.

donald pliner

when the shoe fits

The joy of dressing is an art

Fashion should be playful. Shoes, boots, and accessories, have always been my jam. I am not necessarily a maximalist when it comes to dressing, as I am petite, but I like to dress bigger than I am. Donald Pliner knows their customer well.

The Art of Fun

Finally, I am inspired by accessories and mostly, shoes. I am a shoe hoarder but they are the just right cherry on top. Shoes, and these pink python embossed sandals from Donald Pliner, add that extra bit of sass — and can change a look from being kinda meh to something spectacular. I also go for a colorful bright bag (often, all of the the above). What do people say about me? “I’m a bit crazy, fun-loving girl who doesn’t give a damn if you like my outfit or not!”

donald pliner

Photos: Lydia Hudgens

Thank you to Donald J Pliner for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own.

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