What to Wear to Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving, happening in T minus 7 days, is a time to get together with family and friends. Planning a meal for, let’s say 25 people, isn’t an easy feat. I leave it up to Julia Moskin and Melissa Clark’s essential recipes from the New York Times to decipher what to serve or bring to the holiday table. But unlike planning a meal, you want the actual getting dressed portion of the day to be quick and easy. You will need the essentials to start:  a top, pants, or a skirt, and a pair of shoes. I tend to lean on the side of being underdressed for most holidays and celebratory occasions, so what about throwing on a plaid flannel shirt, and make like Ralph Lauren, to commemorate the Pilgrims and what not.

Aside from overcooking the turkey, the least-chic thing you could do on Thanksgiving is to show up to dinner totally underdressed. Save the sweatpants for after supper and slip into this sophisticated, modern look that’s sure to impress your in-laws. But no less necessary, if slightly less obvious, is the razzamatazz that you want to be remembered for. Akin to adding an unlikely candidate like a macaroni and cheese dish to the typical turkey, gravy and stuffing, why not add a feathered skirt to the mix? There’s no better time than now to wear your feathers. Historically empathizing with those who like to be comfortable on Thanksgiving, you will be giving and receiving gifts, so you might want to be photo-ready. Those Thanksgiving pics go down in the history books like nobody’s business.

If somebody outright asks you why you are wearing feathers, you can say, you want to emulate Ginger Rogers and Fed Astaire’s suave style by mixing menswear elements with ultra feminine details. Frilly feathers make you want to dance backwards in high heels!, or more simply just say, Dries made me do it.

Dries Van Noten fall 2013

Dries Van Noten Fall 2013

Or Gucci.

Gucci Fall 2013

Gucci Fall 2013

Or Jason Wu who never stops at just show-stopping feathers, but makes them white.

Jason Wu Fall 2013

Jason Wu Fall 2013

All runway photos Vogue.com

But how do you incorporate feather details without looking like a Big Bird disaster? Consider the suggestions and photos below to be your guide and to be building blocks for your wardrobe. And don’t forget to stand against the wind.

black feather skirt

black feather skirt

paige denim flannel skirt // milly feather-trimmed mini skirt // l’ren scott sandals get a similar pair here // tom ford sunglasses

feather skirt

black feather skirt

Here are my feather rules.

1. Feathers are a statement. Keep the focus on that detail and keep the rest of your look simple or choose a simple feather accent that won’t overwhelm the rest of your look.

2. Although we love the bold colors on the runway, pick an accent piece that is easily accessorized and pairs well. If you opt for a dress, pick a neutral or black dress with a feather skirt or trim that will make sure you look sleek.

3. Give an eye to proportions. Feathers add volume, make sure you are wearing the feathers and they don’t end up wearing you.

And of course dance backwards just like Ginger Rogers did.

black feather skirt

 photos: Jim D’Angelo

Shop the post and make it a runway-ready Thanksgiving!

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