Weekend Update NYFW

I am always amazed how many shows exist on the calendar during Fashion Week and how anybody manages to get to all of them. Everybody complains that the week is too jam-packed with events, but everybody shows up everywhere.

If i were a bird, I could get to West 22nd Street and the West Side Highway back to Lincoln Center in a jiffy but we all know nobody flies. On Saturday of this fashion weekend I tried out the Citibike to realize that although it is a great mode of transportation for the city, my legs aren’t fast like the Road Runner and there were plenty of shows that I just missed because of poor timing. That being said, fashion doesn’t stop, the curtains go up and the show must go on. Yielding high power, with the spring collections well underway, I was able to hit the ground running.

Starting off my New Year on Friday Fashion loves juxtapositions: the light and the dark, the floral and the dark, the masculine and the feminine. There’s no black and white right or wrong, it’s just the way it’s sliced. I am intrigued by unlikely mixtures, take for example Rebecca Taylor and Sally LaPointe.

My first show of the day with Rebecca Taylor’s intimate runway show, there was an ultra-feminine vibe. Taylor showed flippy dresses, soft pink and yellow accents and lots of florals. Complementing this was 9o’s street wear , complete with perforated leathers, crop tops, mesh and lace.



On the other side was a dark vibe holding court by Sally LaPointe’s spring collection where she investigated the decaying, not the birth of flowers. The set design was a lacquered square stage, encircling a sunken pit filled with hundred of black purple dried flower petals. LaPointe developed a goth flower print, featured on several pieces with organza shiny-coated edgy looks.

And oh notice the pops of yellow filtering through most of the collections so far.




More shows to attend to …! Will post in a bit.


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