Utility Dressing

What should be the easiest part of everyone’s day ie: getting dressed in the morning, is sometimes the hardest. Getting dressed is actually a real pain. Matching, styling, digging through your closet — especially at a way-too-early morning hour. Luckily, this spring’s hottest denim trend comes in one easy piece: the overall. They can be great especially on a lazy Saturday when you don’t want to wear your gym clothes all day long, you don’t have any real plans, but you are miffed by what else besides basic jeans you could throw on.

Nineties style as I have written about before, See: Neo grunge, has returned in a big way, with flannel shirts, floral babydolls, and Dr. Martin combat boots slowly taking over our wardrobes. But that one item I wore in the 1990s I truly haven’t missed: overalls. Remember wearing overalls?! There were long ones, short ones, skirt ones, colorful ones, corduroy ones. Sometimes I’d even leave one strap unbuckled for cool points.While it can be intimidating for those of us who haven’t donned a pair since elementary school, no fear–why not try a pair and see how easy it is to get out and start your day?

Overall, (get it?), wearing them is a great idea, except for the bathroom necessities when you’re out and about. Last week while on a showroom appointment, I used the ladies’ room and my straps literally fell into the toilet. Sometimes you have to laugh things off, and not take life too seriously. The key here? Wear them, don’t style them. It’s a very real piece of clothing. Nothing underneath except a tube top or a blouse.


Wearing Topshop Full-length overalls, get a similar pair here and Current / Elliotts here, J Crew Breton striped shirt Elizabeth & James bright pink blazer, V73 transparent tote bag, Retrosuperfuture sunglasses


I watched silky overalls march down the runway s this past fashion week and wasn’t sure how quick it was going to catch on. I’ve already spotted  many variations of the ’90s-tastic style, some even with one strap un-hooked à la Salt N’ Pepa. I think it’s safe to officially call it a spring trend.


Céline sandals


 Photos taken by Ria Michelle

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