timeless style

Timeless Style, Fall Version

timeless style fall version

timeless style fall version

timeless style fall version

This past weekend I headed to the Denim Days Festival in NYC where all the top trends in denim washes, makes, fabrications, and styles were on full display. As I was wandering about the booths, and observing all the trends, I realized that the denim that I wore in the 1980’s were back in full swing. I had an inkling that denim styles never die, but rather hide by the wayside until they are back “in” again. Hence why all things vintage clothing were the most popular booths at the fair. The old stuff is the good stuff. This is true for all fashion today. With the resurgence of padded shoulders, sequins!, slip dresses and oversize coats, we don’t know where to turn.  Maybe it’s a symbol of our economic times? We are so unsure on how to proceed forward. Year after year our bodies change, our lives shift and we want different pieces. That’s why style and trends exist. Could it be that seasonal flights of fancy are going out of style? Designers everywhere are answering our calls for timeless wardrobe dressing.

The best way to dress during all these uncertainties, is to go with your gut. Choose items that have timeless style, fall version. Wear clothes that suit your mental needs as much as your physical ones—pieces that reflect the elegant, essential person you are, no filter necessary.

How to Achieve Timeless Style, Fall Version 

timeless style

JW Anderson top

Tess Giberson vest, Shop Similar 

AG jeans

Carel Paris patent leather shoes

animal print vintage bag

If there’s one overarching message from the Spring 2019 shows, it’s that fashion is changing. Menswear and womenswear are being presented together on the runways, brands are questioning the very notion of seasons, and the designer revolving door keeps spinning. But the world is changing, too, and it’s doing so at an arresting clip. Time’s Up, #MeToo, Everytown for Gun Safety, NeverAgain, Black Lives Matter, Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, and many more activist organizations are dominating conversations in America and abroad. Fashion can’t ignore the world around it, especially when people of all strokes are becoming more and more inspired to use their appearances as a form of visual protest rom the black dresses at the Globes to the orange bandannas of Everytown.

Tips on Timeless Style

So, how does one get dressed? What to do on the runways? In many ways, this season seemed to be one less about the actuality of a garment and more about the person inside it. Be confident in yourself. If you like what you see, somebody else will too. For this pic, a classic white shirt and blazer works with almost everything and looks crisp and fresh with denim. It’s Paris Fashion Week. To honor that, throw on a beret, a belt, and red lipstick. That’s timeless style.

white blazer



animal print


Photos: Lydia Hudgens 

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