The Ultimate Score

Since the tender age of 5, I was told by my parents never to shop retail. The philosophy was simple. Why would they spend full price on an item for me when Marshall’s, the eponymous discount department store, offered the same designer dud for fractions less? Duh. Moving forward, through my teenage years and when I worked a 9-5 job, I used this knowledge to my advantage, shopping at sample sales when they came around twice a year for great pieces to add to my everyday wardrobe. Still today, way into my adult years, I still love a bargain, finding unlimited treasures at Century 21, dare I say Kohl’s (for workout gear), sample sales, big designer collaborations with department stores, and even better on the world-wide web, on

The thing about discount shopping is, the urge to buy comes on suddenly– at %70 off how can it not be worth it– and you think to yourself how you can incorporate said item into your wardrobe. If the answer is a blatant no, don’t buy it. And that is precisely where to draw the line. I can recount numerous times where I’ve returned home from maaajor, in the Rachel Zoe fashion, shopping sprees only to realize I wouldn’t dare wear half the things I bought. What I did learn was to buy the things that have staying power. Pieces that matter. Mainly names with vowels at the end of the word. Gucci. Prada. Bottega Veneta. Baleneciaga. Marni. Chloé. Chanel. Well, Chanel is Chanel. You get the point. Even if they are expensive, well-made, hand-crafted bespoke shoes and bags will always be a good investment. It’s a rare moment when I whip out my first ever vintage Chanel bag that I bought in Paris on my semester abroad, and think, now why did I buy this for $349857843752908?

But, after yesterday’s Isabel Marant x HM haul, who is spending money? For those of you who missed the sale, this is for you. If I had seen this email from Nasty Gal just a day earlier that vintage Chanel would go live on their site at a steal maybe I wouldn’t have made the trek to Jersey just for Marant. Hard to say. This sale, aka the best collection of vintage Chanel to ever exist on this here planet earth, is happening right here right now. Investment people, investment.

Vintage Chanel


Just click for yourself and see.

As of press time, most of the great vintage bags are flying out the invisible shelves of the site, but if you’re hunting for bargain, the time is now.

Nasty Gal vintage Chanel

Here’s a sampling of what you might find. Happy Shopping!

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