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Oscar de la Renta Gladia cutout leather sandals

Photo: Shop.trendland

Today in things that make me go hmmm!  — we discuss the virtues of sandals on Net-A-Porter that resemble lace made with intricate cutouts. Do you ever get caught in the black hole of sales and find that you can’t pull yourself out even in spite of your having successfully convinced yourself that you really, really, really don’t need anything? These lacy leather red heels were in my shopping cart yesterday, and then suddenly disappeared, causing lots of anxiety in what was a typical Tuesday morning.

Net-a-Porter’s 50% off SALE e-mail dropped around 8AM yesterday, (yes it is still ON) and then paralyzed me for the entire morning. The site crashed numerous times and anything that existed in my cart literally disappeared. I originally wanted these Gladia sandals in white, but were sold out in my size. I opted for the red knowing that red shoes are just like black or white, a basic color that I will always love, wear, and have forever. I was hoping for these to be an early birthday present, but my birthday isn’t until September.

I left the site, frustrated as ever, and went to a yoga class. After tweeting the Net-A-Porter team, they resolved to get the site up and running in a short amount of time. When I came back to the site later that afternoon, I carefully placed the shoes back in my cart, and pressed proceed to purchase. Yes, I had a case of buyer’s remorse. It was in that moment when you know that living without the fierce yet flattering heels was just not an option. I didn’t ask questions, I didn’t doubt my purchase, because at a price upwards of $1,000 I could not justify the purchase, but at 40% off, it was a done deal.

My kids will wear them. I will eat beans at home. I won’t go out with friends for a few weeks. These thoughts infused my head all day long and ultimately justified my purchase. I implore you to head over to the 50% off SALE before everything is gone.

And the surprise ending? Just like that as a gesture of goodwill, I received an email from the Net-A-Porter team, apologizing for the mishap that I experienced on their behalf, with a credit towards my purchase.

What did I learn? It pays to be patient, your turn will come. SaLe onGO! And, PS yoga helps.


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