Lucy Chadwick

The Net Bag

Now that the Met Gala, who won for best dressed, and all the after parties you weren’t invited to is over, you may want to start living in the here and now, and in the reality that, spring is officially here.

The clothes that we wear on a daily basis are much less fascinating than what one would wear on the red carpet, but nonetheless, shouldn’t be boring.

I have been slowly but surely making headway into cleaning out my closet, thanks to The Real Real and other sites and am only keeping items that I can use in various capacities. This includes men’s button down striped shirts, crisp white shorts, anything denim, and most of my shoes that will go in, go out, and come back in fashion again.

But just when I feel that my closet is at the ready for spring, and I walk out the door feeling fab, I am suddenly brought down to reality when a fishnet bag on the streets takes center stage. Not quite a fishnet, but a repurposed wedding dress!? I knew I should have kept my Whole Foods net bag.

Kudos to the trendsetting women; Rachel Wang for making the Gap look like Celiné, and  Lucy Chadwick who repurposed her wedding dress to create this look. Pure genius!

Lucy Chadwick

If you are not as creative, you can buy the look below which is exactly what I might end up doing.

fishnet skirt

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