The Lazy Morning

The Lazy Morning

the lazy look

The Lazy Morning

H&M lace camisole

Blk Denim pants

Chanel bag, SHOP SIMILAR

Becken cardigan

Laurence Dacade boots


What to wear to Thanksgiving, you ask? I am right there with you and understand coming up with an outfit for Thanksgiving can be challenging. However, I did feature this blush look on Monday. How does one look stylish and photogenic while feasting? A wide forgiving waistband, for sure! Furthermore, if you’re spending the holiday with your significant other’s family or even with a group of friends, what’s the dress code for those situations? I have already covered the grounds on what to wear for Thanksgiving dinner with the family. Now it is time to tackle the question of what to wear on the lazy morning after Thanksgiving. 

If you’re asking yourself these same questions, you’ve come to the right place. I know wearing pajamas is the easiest answer, and yes! you can wear them. Today being Wednesday, I have laid out two major scenarios for your post-turkey day chill and assembled an outfit that is both comfy and stylish. From this classic turtleneck, denim, and cardigan situation, to the easiest way to dress up sweats, keep reading to ensure this is your most stylish Thanksgiving yet.


the lazy morning

the lazy morning

the lazy morning

ALC leather jacket

Ivy Park sweatshirt, SHOP SIMILAR

Michael Lauren sweats

Herschel Supply velvet backpack

Balenciaga sneakers

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