The Best For Less

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Do you know what I spent most of Sunday doing? Editing the sad state of my overcrowded closet, putting some once sartorial treasures up on Copious, (I am selling a pair of awesome overalls), and relegating what once adorned by body, in a massive love affair, to the internet masses. And do you know why? Because everybody likes a fresh look. And after a few seasons of wearing the same few ripped jeans, motorcycle jackets, and freakin’ Margiela black boots ad nauseam, frankly, the state of my outfits feel stale and boring and I want new garb.

Every morning I gaze into the depths of my closet, wondering why I feel the “I have nothing to wear” syndrome, but that just isn’t true. The sweaters and coats that lived on my body this winter need to peel off moving towards lighter, brighter days. And after endless editing, my last season’s garments still look, eh. Ah, yes! it’s this time of year where it’s not cold, but not hot either that we all face this dilemma.

And what’s a fashionista to do under these circumstances? Buy a new uniform for spring.

Everyone loves a bomber jacket, and this Miu Miu red leather one, for $2,990 is the bomb. In fact, from street style hit to front row uniform, a bomber jacket is essential for spring 2013. Destroyed light wash denim? Duh. Here’s a pair of J Brand for $216. Moving down to the accoutrements: DVF Carolina Lips snake and leather clutch is the perfect conversation piece in a turquoise blue adding just the right pop of color and Gianvito Rossi black  studded leather pumps for $445 and $960 respectively. All yours for a grand total of $4,600 excluding tax.

And for a more economical version of the same look, here you have it. Topshop Varsity bomber jacket, $70. and Topshop MOTO bleach skinny jeans for $70. An ASOS clutch turquoise bag with the same pop as the DVF number, for $33.00. As for the black studded shoes, they are ZARA for $69.00. Total all in for this look? $242.00.

So what’s the takeaway here? Think about how many times you will wear said outfit costing you $4,600. vs $242.00 and dividing it by cost per wear. Don’t have a budget? No problem. You won’t need a calculator. But, for the rest of us, who may need to go thrifty, save up something big. Like this shark tooth pendant.

And as Ludacris says How Low can you go? I only have $20 in my pocket.

Hover. Click. Buy. Repeat.

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