The Best Accessory for Fashion Week

The best accessory during fashion week

Saloni dress, Cocofloss teeth, Gianvanito rossi shoes

Saloni dress

Lapima sunglasses

Gianvito Rossi sandals

Fashion week is not for the fashionweak. It’s a 10-day long journey that began on Thursday and is a whirlwind of work and play. Catwalks and cocktail parties, event-planning and editorial content, lots of stress, little food and sleep. It all certainly seems glamorous on Instagram (and hey, it is), but anyone who works in the biz knows that the burnout is real. Not to mention the street style looks that command your full attention. After many seasons attending fashion weeks, I have come to realize that its not the bag or the shoe that grabs the attention of those photographers crowding in the streets awaiting their prey. Or your instagram followers. Together with a great outfit, the best accessory for fashion week is about your smile and how you carry yourself. Your self-confidence. Not to mention your white teeth. While its important to show off your cute shoes or off the runway bag, its so important to have a pretty smile on your face.

The Best Accessory for Fashion Week

That is why I have partnered with Cocofloss. Cocofloss is a flavored dental floss that is compact and comes in four scents: Strawberry, Mint, Coconut and Orange which smell amazing. The packaging is also to die for. Especially when you whip the floss out of your hot pink bag on a busy day either at fashion week or not, its just so fun to look at! Besides your soon-to-be clean teeth, the floss is 100% vegan, gluten-free, and cruelty-free. As much as it matters what I put into my body food-wise, it also matters what goes onto my teeth and gums. The floss also has 500+ strong, grime catching filaments. Quite impressive I would say! I must say that the first thing I notice on somebody’s face is their smile. And Cocofloss is truly a loofah for your smile. The best accessory for fashion week! And a game changer for sure.

Watch the full video below for what I wore and how I fit my floss into my busy day.


Outfit styled by me

Video production Sofya Nova

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