The 31 minute bag

Andy Warhol said we will all be famous for 15 minutes. When your 15 minutes arrives what will you be wearing? Pajama jeans or an updated silver Tinman-esque sleek out-of-an-editorial look book cool acid-blue clutch? I would rather the latter thank you very much, and be admired for its sartorial splendor and my fabulous taste. Cue the 31 Minute bag below. The bag guarantees to doubles your fame time—plus you get an extra minute add a little lipstick. Even better, it has a mirror-like bottom panel for applying that lipstick.

IMHO most people in the world don’t get done in a week what New Yorkers can get done in a day. I think I get more done in a day than most, but you can argue with me there. Local designer Phillip Lim understands the crazy New York lifestyle and this Spring debuted the 31 Minute bag and his new website 31PhillipLim. The concept is clear: the fact is that there are barely enough hours in a day to get it all in. This bag is for all those 31 minutes gigs that get squeezed into daily city life. Just throw your shit stuff into one bag, btw there’s a handle, and you’re ready to take on NYC (or anywhere else for that matter). Of course, you may have already fallen for the mini bags that I wrote about here.

Phillip Lim 31 minute bag

 Noir bracelets. Get them here. Noir. All photos Michael Crook.

Chic to the next lev, I totally embrace this denim marries a colorblock patent leather tin bag. It holds a crapload of stuff and looks just like the old worn acid blue jeans that I wore to my first concert. It was a Black and Blue concert circa 1977.  All aboard!

Crazy New Yorker that I am,  I’m fantacizing about how much I could get done if only I had Lim’s 31 Hour bag. Check it out. It’s so fly it hurts.


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