Steven Alan

Slip It On

Hellooo Tuesday heat wave! Let’s talk about it. Where shorts fail, scrunchies never do, and where hair scrunchies claim their stake in the bathroom and fail to impress outside the confines of your personal space, slip dresses, lightweight, breathable, and downright the perfect summer uniform for these sweltering 90-degree dog... Read More

A Spring Uniform

Spring’s performance has been less than stellar of late and now that it is finally May, and not much has changed in the weather department over these past few weeks, (okay we had one warm day), its time to break out the classics; the boyfriend jeans, the blazer, and the... Read More

NYFW: Take A Trip Around the World

It is always right after Fashion week that I reflect on the amazement and  all the hoopla and circumstance that takes place during the shows. The designers spend umpteen amounts of money on a full-fledged production, clothes are fitted (or not) on waif-like models, the venue is secured, playlist ready,... Read More

Let the Fashion Games Begin

  If a picture is worth a thousand words, then what’s a video worth? In case you did ever wonder what the definition of “getting ready for Fashion Week” really means. In the throes of Day 4, today is my birthday!, I will be heading to the tents for some more... Read More