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Outfit of the Day

It’s cold outside and unless you’re spending the winter living in Death Valley or South of the Border, you will need to wear multiple layers to warm up your bones. And the more layers we add, the more yeti-like we become. It is at this time of year that I... Read More

That’s A Wrap

Gift-giving isn’t easy. There is so much holiday-giving anxiety, that just picking out the just right present can tie you up in knots. Ultimately, my mantra is give what you would like to receive and you will never lose. Think of the dream presents on your wish list and let... Read More

Hot Swimwear

  A bikini guide: from then to now The dog days of summer are here and our favorite beaches are calling our name.  Whether you are soaking up the sun in St. Tropez, Majorca, Martha’s Vineyard, or The Hamptons, the most important decision will not be your SPF number, but... Read More