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Summer Holiday in Spain

Summer holidays offer that little bit of extra time in our lives when can explore and travel. On the subject of travel, I have major wanderlust, but have yet to return to the far-away places I loved as child. In my teenage years, as a family unit, we traveled to Thailand, Rome, Spain, Israel, Rio, among many places. I have yet to return back. I thought if I were to return to the same places, I would be disappointed. The places I once loved and visited would l have changed so much, right? Did it ruin the happy times I once experienced?

Contrary to my beliefs, traveling back to the same place you loved, can be rewarding. Could it possibly also have remained unspoiled? At the very least it is interesting to see how a place has changed. I am at a very different place in my life where traveling has become a true joy.  I am ready and willing to explore many more opportunities that traveling brings. I truly enjoyed my summer holiday in Spain.

A summer holiday in Spain

Summer holiday in spain

Summer holidays are the perfect time to travel.

I decided to find the answer to these questions by revisiting Barcelona and Ibiza, two of my favorite places on earth. Time will tell whether or not this trip will match my trip in 1992, when I had a greedy compulsion to do and see everything. I came home both exhilarated and weary. Now, I am truly just as excited to visit Spain with my eyes wide open. I am hoping to unplug from my phone for a bit while I am there, a true test of my ability to take it easy! Here are some images I found on the internet of place I would like to explore. If you have any favorite places I must visit, please say so in the comments below. When I do go back to Barcelona, I will know how to navigate the city and its environs.

Here are just some of the pictures we took.


summer holiday in spain

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