Stylist Challenge, How to Style All-White Look

Good morning! Hope you had a nice 4th of the July holiday. Today, I am excited to share with you something other than a simple outfit post. Last month at a fashion conference, I met Audree Kate, a stylist and fellow blogger, who blogs and styles at Simply Audree Kate. We immediately hit it off, connected, and have collaborated together on an how-to idea to challenge each other. Our idea was to do a stylist challenge, how to style an all-white look.

Meet the challenge

Wearing all white can be intimidating to wear and we both wanted to show two ways to wear a monochromatic look. Everybody has a different idea of how to wear white, but it was not a challenge for me as I wear white most of the summer. Scroll through our pics to see how we styled the looks according to our personal style and our tips for wearing an all-white or monochromatic look. Enjoy! 

wearing all-white
Stylist Challenge

Stylist challenge

how to wear all white

how to wear all white

stylist challenge

How Stephanie Styled Her Look

If your idea of wearing a color is heather gray, why not just throw in the towel? White, technically the absence of color, is nearly as low-maintenance as black, with the advantage of being particularly striking in the winter or on the deck of your friend’s yacht.

My styling tip for wearing all white is to add dimension to the monochromatic look. And by that I mean, pull out all the stops and incorporate different shades of white, and fabric. A white dress is one of the easiest things to wear because its one piece and doesn’t require that much thought. For example, you can be playful and add a pop of color like red or yellow. Or keep it simple and just add black. For my look, I wore this vintage Anna Sui dress which I scored at a California flea market last year on a rack in a field. And for a great price! I added a vintage bag which I got in Florence, and for styling trick, tied a neck scarf in between the slots in the bag. Black espadrilles were the perfect summer accessory and a simple option. The sunglasses added an element of fun.

And, yes, forgo the coffee that morning to keep your whites stain-free. Take it from me, and don’t forget your Tide stick!

How Audree Styled Her Look

My tip for wearing all one color is to do layers, add dimension and something interesting with the outfit . Feeling like a one color blob is not my cup of tea. I hardly ever wear white and I feel like my white clothing never lasts as long as other pieces. Normally I feel restricted throughout the day because I’m scared of getting stains on the clothing haha. I paired a long white shirt dress with white jeans. Then added a crop top over the look for various levels of layers. The crop top adds dimension, interest and shape to the overall look since the shirtdress is fairly overpowering. I kept my accessories to neutral blush heels and gold jewelry. 

I liked how high-end and unique this look is compared to my all-black looks. All black, or dark neutrals, are a New York staple, so I was excited to switch things up for a day and dig out my few white pieces for this shoot!

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how to wear all white

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