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Style a Slip Dress From Day To Night

style a slip dress from day to night

I am passionate about many things. Some of those include taking care of myself and my family, eating organic food, laughing, travel, and reading. I also try to stay close with my friends, while taking in art, dining, and shopping. Lately though, I feel like I am living in an all-or nothing consumerist society. I am not a Generation Xer, I am rather out of that age range. Yet, to keep up with Instagram, fashion, restaurants, travel and the like, I must consume as part of that experience. I love to shop, which fuels my consuming addiction, and fosters a bad shopping habit. To curb the habit, I have been rewarding myself with things that don’t need to be consumed. Seeing friends, cooking delicious meals, and repurposing my wardrobe. For my first attempt, here are my tips on how to style a slip dress from day to night.

Tips on How to Style a Slip Dress from Day to Night

Take a black turtleneck. It could be a simple ribbed turtleneck. I styled this look with this bell-sleeve top. Put it over a dark floral slip dress, perfect for the fall season, and throw on a velvet bag and velvet loafers. This is both comfortable, easy to wear, and work-appropriate.

style a slip dress from day to night

style a slip dress

style a slip dress

L’ Academie slip dress

Gucci bag and shoes

Staud top, SHOP SIMILAR 


Then instead of shopping or racing home to change, I changed into a blush sheer turtleneck, let my hair down, and changed into heels.

style a slip dress from day to night

style a slip dress from day to night

Asos sheer mock turtleneck

Tess Giberson jacket, SHOP SIMILAR

Prada heels


It’s called impulse control for a reason. If you learn anything from this post, it’s that life is all about balance. Shop effectively.

Style a slip dress

Because if you didn’t snap it, it didn’t happen.


Photos: Lydia Hudgens

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