Spring Trends to Jump into Right Now

Spring is the best time to start fresh, clean out your closet, and shed your proverbial layers. Is your closet clean? Call me if you need help. Now is the perfect time to invest in some of spring’s favorite trends.

As I touted in an earlier post, culottes have streamed into my conscious brain by now, and I am quite happy about it, but there’s more.


In the name of #normcore, I have taken a liking to Birkenstocks and all their so-called effects. I have purchased one pair, wore them multiple times, and already calculated my cost per wear as a win-win situation. Who can resist something that’s both comfortable AND fashionably accepted? That hasn’t happened in years. My feet will thank me this summer when sneakers and flats replace my usual footwear that I suffer in for the name of fashion.

I have highlighted the top spring trends that I love in my look below. Click on the pic to see the product details!


1. Interesting Hats. Not to wear to protect your face from the elements, but simply because if you’re willing to allow them to, hats make the woman. If you’re lucky enough to find a really large brimmed version, great. Wear it to the beach this summer. Also add alternative versions to your wardrobes, see: baseball caps, cloches. bucket hats, and bowlers, and start playing with them.



2. The Great White Tee. The only thing you will really need to replace are the basics. White tank tops, white tees, and jeans. Over the past week, I have been scouring the markets looking for that not too boxy, not too tight, white tee shirt. I find its always best to load up on different shapes depending on the mood you are in that particular day.


3. CulottesWith all the elegance of a ball skirt and all the comfort of sweatpants, the culotte is going to be your go-to pant this summer, especially after consuming all those indulgent deserts this spring. Don’t contemplate buying them too long, as many versions have already sold out. Will you muster the courage to get into those crazy culottes? Consider these for yourself. I for one, love these white versions as we get closer to summer.


4. A Bomber Jacket. Last spring, I invested in a few blazers to carry me through the chilly days and nights that also added a twist to basic T-shirts and denim.  In a season typically associated with trench coats, the bomber jacket stood out as the outerwear item of choice during the spring shows. I felt the tug to try something new, something that I have never worn before aiming for a gradual shift from structured to more sporty. An incredibly versatile piece, team the bomber jacket with a dress to temper the girliness style or complement the athletic chicness with dressy shorts.



5. Platforms.  In my quest to be super comfortable this spring, with sneakers and brogues dominating the market, I will need a literal lift now and then. What shoe could I get that is both fashionable and earthy, but not quite dirt. Hail the sling-back platform wedges. There is a pair by Robert Clergerie, which I am nuts about, but I do also really like the ones by Asos.


How about jumping for joy now that winter blues are over and out?

spring fashion

sama eyewear// eric javits hat //  dannijo necklace // stella mccartney bomber jacket // vince t-shirt // mother of pearl culottes // robert clergerie sandals

What will you buy?

spring trends

Photography: Lydia Hudgens


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