In My Shopping Cart

There is nothing more that I hate than rainy days that end in, well, more rain. The only things the rain is good for besides nourishing crops and general hydration are: ruining hair, ruining suede, ruining commutes, ruining moods, ruining days. But not anymore! With the advent of exclusive shopping days and discounts, you can update your closet with the click of a mouse. I am constantly clearing out my closet for new stuff, and yes, its a constant exhausting game of adding and subtracting. I play a new game called add things in my shopping cart, leave the desk, and then go back to it an hour later. If the item is still there, it was meant to be. If not, there’s always more.

In My Shopping Cart

Today on the Fashion Hunter, I am featuring Shopbop’s Friend’s and Family sale!

The sale goes until tonight at midnight using code INTHEFAM for 25% off full priced items.

In My Shopping cart

I have highlighted some key pieces to get you excited for some rain and snow this weekend?! Because Spring will arrive. Probably in May.

Swipe through the below like we’re playing Hot or Not and thank the sky instead of cry.


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