Saturday inspiration

Photo: The Sartorialist

This brilliant photo came onto my desktop yesterday and it was sooo good, so unexpected, I felt compelled to share its sartorial awesomeness with you.

Its the perfect juxtaposition between military urban mixed with girly girl. A hunter green military overall from the 80’s needs to be in my closet…right now. It is the perfect utilitarian piece that plays better than jeans. No really. Although I am not 7 feet tall which might cause a slight problem in the leg department.  Toss on a few long strands of pearls for the right dose of lady-like vibe, add a bandeau (no shirt) like I’ve been telling you for the past few weeks (my latest obsession) and you have conquered the retro 50’s-80’s mashup trend right here. Who has followed my advise and jumped all over this look? Hands please—if not what are you waiting for? Moving right along…bright contrast pops of color on the red lips, which lends just the right jolt of color on the mouth, and the hot pink Louboutin pumps which I must add, do look fabulous. Visible tattoos on the left arm which I swap out with copious amount of jewels rather than mark up my living human skin with indelible ink. A small necessary clutch for day which I just posted about yesterday. Did you read this or did you forget?  And finally the look. This is very hard to nail down or explain. Its probably the simple two-way dialogue between fashion and street that Scott Schuman captures so well- something we mere fashion mortals cannot perfect.  Maybe its got something to do with the insane amount of gorgeousness that is nightlife star/model Elinor Arwyn, a vocalist from the band Manhattan Cartell. Whatever it is, this girl really rocks. No joke.

Happy Saturday!


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