Playing Favorites


proenza schouler chain leather wallet

One of my favorite bags of all time, the PS11 classic shoulder bag, came into this iteration this past season with chained hardware and it is mine. After stalking it over and over again in the past few weeks, I caved for the wallet version instead of the classic bag. Of course, I saved up for this particular baby, but I am not pimping this bag for nothings sake. I really am enjoying the following attributes of the product itself.

1. The long chain. It has ability to swing it back and forth like no other. And its detachable so it can be just a wallet for a night out.

2. Its sexy. Just plain sexy. Even laying there on a green and yellow hydrant.

3. A fashion find for sure, but not as ubiquitous as say the PS11 from last season. Although I must admit, this green one with an all-white look is pretty stunning.


photo: the fashion guitar 

4. Proenzas got Klout. Do you?

5. It can be worn in the following ways: at messenger length, close to the hip, around the arm, or tied together in a knot to make it more compatible to an extra organ hanging loosely outside of one’s body.

There you have it, five reasons why everybody should own a ps11. Because being Über-chic comes with a price tag. Oh, and its under $1000! Those fashion darlings get it every time. Anything below that is just, well meh.

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