Playing Dress-Up with Pastels

Pastels have resurged back into fashion and designers like Peter Som, Jason Wu, Philip Lim and others flirted with them this Spring. For me, maybe it is the over saturation of blinding neon in the stores, but the refreshing soft blues, pinks, and mint greens – a Ladurée macaron palette if you will, has made an appearance in my wardrobe. Especially my current craving for baby blue ripped denim.

I can’t remember the last time I played dress-up with lots of fun pastely-looking things. It was probably whilst dressing up multiple Barbie dolls with my girls and putting them in light pink convertibles. They drove around topless in LA, jk, they had bikinis on. Ok, let’s cut to the story.

J.Crew denim shirt, Rag and Bone scarf, Asos jeans, Ash sneaks, American Rag  Military jacket, Essie green nail polish

 Sometime New York can be a gloomy place with black and grey, grey and black surroundings, but for sure this spring is a time to whip out some color and get happy. Even if it is from the pure white sugar from this meringue that I was enjoying at that moment. Here I paired all the pastels I own in one outfit (as if!) just to make a statement.

The best part of shooting this fashion segment was when a passerby asked me for my autograph thinking I was Chelsea Handler. I’ll take that confusion even for a fashion minute. Ultimately, dressing up should be fun. If it isn’t fun, try these tricks. Fashion is fun for me especially during this transition to warm sunny weather. Maybe I should move to LA. That’s another story.

Photos: Michael Crook  Designed by fashion enthusiast

And if you like this look…. here’s how to get it.  Follow the hunter!

Splurge items:
Isabel marant sneakers (which are sold out everywhere) but they were selling for $680

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