what I wore in Greece

Packing For Greece

Packing for Greece

What I wore In GreeceWearing Devotion dress

Teva sandals

Fringe bag

If you are planning a 2 week trip to Greece, you have come to the right place. Greece is a magical place to visit because you have the archeological sites in Athens, the boisterous nightlife in Mykonos, the serenity of the cave dwellings in Santorini, and the authentic feeling of Crete off the tourist trail. I mean…how can you not have a fabulous time?  Ok, let’s get going already. I have created a packing tutorial – ie: a short one and half minute guide on what to pack. I must admit that although I packed all those shoes, I only wore three pairs! First of all, we were busy going from island to island, and it was just easier to wear the same sandals. Not to mention, comfort was and will always be my first priority. Packing for Greece is simple.

Packing For Greece

Take long dresses, in neutral colors, and accessories to mix and match. You will see what I packed in the highlighted video below.For any questions, about the brands, feel free to contact me.

I love Greece for its wild, unfussy beauty and wonderful food (as well its thriving bee population). My favorite places to go are the unknown beaches, boutique hotels, and food stands off the beaten track. Exploring undiscovered treasures makes traveling that much more worthwhile. 

Feel free to comment below with any questions that you may have about Greece and the planning process! And, if you’re looking for packing tips, be sure to connect with me for a consultation as I can assist with a super detailed guide, or help you pack for your upcoming trip.

Hope you enjoy the video! 

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