Online Shopping 101

Have you ever ordered anything online and have been so excited about its arrival to then be crushingly disappointed in the result? It has happened to me many times and it still doesn’t make the next time easier or better. Sure it’s convenient. It doesn’t get better than shopping with a glass of wine in hand in your pj’s. There is an art to finding the perfect pair of jeans or sweater on your favorite dot com. So what are the tricks of the trade? Follow my simple steps to get what you want for a great online shopping 101 experience.

Online shopping 101

Missguided romper

Modern Vice boots, SHOP SIMILAR

Rule #1: Read the fine print

If there’s one rule to follow, make it this one. Late night purchases = major disappointment when you realize the inseam on the pants you LOVE are way longer than your torso will ever be. Know the fabric, fit, and product details can mean a keeper or sending it it back to its origin. Most importantly, not all brands fit the same. Know your size before you buy and you won’t regret the purchase.

Rule #2: Shop other sites

Before you rush to the checkout cart, shop around. There are so many online retailers that might have just what you want at a better price, or no shipping fees. And don’t you want to score? I love for comparing prices and even finding similar styles. Just keep in mind that if you do find what you’re looking for on sale, make sure it’s not final! Yet another reason rule 1 is so important.

online shopping 101

Rule #3: Perks are really perks

With everything going digital these days, online shopping is getting easier and easier and harder to resist. Most companies offer perks and incentives to help keep the shopping process as painless as possible. Look for sites with free shipping/returns or ones that offer a promo code for a percentage off your first order.

Rule #4: Know where you reside

It is a simple concept, but one that is misleading when it comes to shipping. If you are buying anything from European websites that have really KewL things that you won’t find elsewhere, chances are, you will pay extra to have them shipped to you. Last winter, I bought a pair of boots from Italy which I couldn’t live without. When my package arrived I was elated, only hours later to find out that I was charged an additional $150.00 to have the boots shipped to me. A learning experience, it wasn’t worth the extra expense.

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Rule #5: Sleep on it

For someone who’s always on the go, I love online shopping for it’s convenience especially on my phone. But sometimes it’s so easy that it gets you in big husband trouble. When you’re getting ready to complete your purchase and you have items in your cart, make sure it’s something you REALLY want/need. If you already have 12 pairs of black boots, do you actually want another one? Or could it be the glass of wine talking? Or, even worse are you buying something just because somebody you admire has them? If you can’t make up your mind, sleep on it. If it’s meant to be it will still be there in the morning.

like to

Ready to shop? Here are some of my go-to online stores or check out what I’m lusting over, hunting for on my Shop page, or what I already have in my closet. My favorite online shopping tool of all is

If you don’t know what is, all you need to do is:

1. Simply sign up online 2. Like my instagram photo if you want to know the clothing details on it. 3. Receive a direct email with all of the details so that you can shop it. If you’re confused or have any questions … let me know in the comments below!

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My favorite online stores:
Topshop | Nordstrom | Net-A-Porter | ShopBop | Urban Outfitters | Neiman Marcus | Gilt | Amazon

And don’t forget today is Columbus Day and many of the sites are having sales, so go online and shop away!

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