On Overalls

And not just any pair of overalls, actually, but leather ones. A few days ago, these 3.1 Phillip Lim overalls showed up on my Moda Operandi news feed and I nearly fainted. These are the chicest version of overalls I ever did see. With tapered legs, detachable straps, and front metal fastenings, I really hadn’t declared my love on the farmer-inspired trend until now. Emphasizing graphic lines in his Resort collection, Lim addresses the urbanite with a workmanly spirit. What is a workmanly spirit anyway? I bet you can figure that out.

Photo credit courtesy of 3.1 Phillip Lim 

Phillip Lim overalls via Moda Operandi available for pre-order now

Let’s discuss. The only part about the overalls that I cannot connect with is the haphazard moment when one needs to go to the bathroom in a public place, and those fasteners have to get undone. It can only be remedied by leaving one strap undone leaving you with one strap to contend with and possibly hold. For this depiction to render usable and workable, I thought I would bring in my summer-white-denim-Dickie-equivalent to the over-all trend of just that. The overalls you can rock right NOW. Denim overalls are alas, a bit more wearable than the leather version. And here’s the part where I convince you to make ’em work.

 Simonetta overalls in the denim variety, Gap boys Uniform Oxford shirt because there’s nothing cheaper better than shopping in the BoyZ department, Michael Kors platforms. Vintage Chanel bag. Check out my picnic cooler chilling out and getting ready for le weekend. Did you see my summer celebration post? I thought so. Picnic table courtesy of the Dumbo Archway.

nOir rings and neckalace, Pono bracelet

Well don’t you feel different about the trend now? After middle school I said never again, but construction worker meets urbanite? No need to check your saggy butt at the door, overalls are having a moment. I’m going to jump on those fancy leathers. And you? Share your thoughts!

Oh yeah, I’ve just added some Instagram inspos a new feature on the right hand side of my page. You can browse my photos in real time and see what the fashion hunter is up to. Kinda cool, eh? Happy Friday.

All cool photos: Michael Crook

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