white off the shoulder top

Off The Shoulder Top For Summer

off the shoulder top for summer

off the shoulder lace top for summer

off the shoulder white top

off the shoulder white top and a ruffle skirt for summer

off the shoulder top and a ruffle top for summer

Hi and happy almost Memorial Day weekend. Today, we’re taking all about this fun dressed up look, featuring an off-the-shoulder top for summer. Summer Fridays are  here (or almost here depending on where you live) and Memorial Day is in T- minus 2 days. So, of course, the summer dresses and skirts are coming out of the closet. To say nothing of this gloomy spring we are currently experiencing, let’s dive in with today’s OOTD.

Off the shoulder top for summer

When summer rolls around, and the weather heats up, it is time to pull out all my off-the-shoulder tops. This white top is a great example of a versatile piece that you could wear all season long to different events. I am always looking for a fun easy top to wear and this is the perfect canvas for all your summer dressing. You can pair this top with this skirt, or this ruffle skirt  like I did below, or with denim shorts for a more casual look. Hopefully here in New York, the weather will cooperate, and I will be wearing this top or similar ones all season long. Exactly one year ago today I was already wearing shorts, tee shirts, and halter dresses.

off the shoulder top for summer

white off the shoulder top for summer

What to Wear for Memorial Day Weekend

Whether you’re headed out east, up north, these are the getaway essentials you should have on hand for the weekend. I have included all the variations on this look. My thoughts on  a summertime wardrobe are simple. As a matter of fact, all you really need is a white shirt. Then pair it with a fabulous pair of shoes and great accessories. Summertime is when we let our worries melt away. Of course we still need to get dressed but by the same token, make it simple. Make it fun.

ruffle skirt

I am staying positive about the weather forecast. We deserve to be treated to a weekend of blue skies and high heat. Despite gray clouds and damp sidewalks, hope you make it a great weekend. Spring, man! It’s a fickle beast.

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Photos: Lydia Hudgens

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