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Stan Smith Adidas

If my recent laid-back Je ne sais quoi lifestyle is any indication, I have been opting out of the well-heeled existence, leaving my heels at home, and yearning for the cool simplicity of sneakers. Bored of my Isabel Marant wedge trainers, I have been on the hunt for pure white sneakers.

When the 1973 Adidas original Stan Smith sneaker announced a relaunch, before I could hit the “Yes, please” button, they were gone. That is a clear signal that it has already hit the ground running faster than I did back in high school trying out for the tennis team with the original Stan Smith on my feet. Although I didn’t make said Varsity team, I am now on team Céline and unofficial mascot of the fashion set. Phoebe Philo who has been sporting Stan Smiths for seasons, wore these at her most recent show in Paris and when Philo says” jump”, the fashion world asks how high, in what shoes?”

Phoebe Philo in Stan Smith

So, besides Kanye West, who was spotted on the streets in his green and whites, will you go back to these?? Get on the waitlist.

Adidas Stan Smith


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