NYFW Part 3: The Dreamer, The Zombie, and the Happy-Go-Lucky

For those of you waiting desperately in line for that iPhone 5, (hey get me one)! this is a great opportunity to shove some more fashion week forecasts your way. I know you are probably sick of New York Fashion Week coverage, but there is always more to rehash and at the very least you’ll be an well-informed consumer. From Mongolia to doomsday to fantasy, let’s take a ride.

Sachin and Babi Ahluwalia took a long backpacking trip and landed on a spiritual journey and their dreams came to life. Rich embroidery throughout the collection, Sachin and Babi used beautiful tapestries to illustrate their love for Bohemian style. My favorites were the short military jackets, and the beautiful flowy silk dresses. In true belly dancer style, bells and all, a girl ringing at my heart-strings.

I then headed over to Avery Fisher Hall to see Chris Benz, my pink-haired buddy with–PS over 80,000 twitter followers–(his tweets are hilarious) to see what quirky energy creations he had come up with. Always a fun cocktail party, serving drinks outdoors on the terrace, he never fails to disappoint. This show was one of the true highlights of my week. Get my highlight pun? Ha! His inventive mix of color and texture weave a story incorporating the internet obsession “zombie apocalypse.” This translated into floral blazers worn over shirt dresses slit up to the crotch, layered over a skirt, over a pair of jeans. Layers upon layers, when ripped apart, translated into compelling one-of-a-kind pieces. Chris, the piling power award goes to you. Bold, yet feminine, Chris’s new denim line, CB Denim, and the new collaboration with Cambridge Satchel, will be on every fashionista’s list. Kudos to Chris for his creative prowess!

The view from the bottom isn’t always the best, except when it’s zoomed in on a certain Alejandro Ingelmo T-strap shoe x Cambridge Satchel mini bag x Benz collaboration. Holy Beetlejuice!

From the macabre at Tim Burton to saturated colorful photographs from vintage Time Life books, J.Crew was filled with fresh soft florals, printed suiting, and neoprene dresses. With so much to love, Jenna Lyon’s and Tom Mara’s J. Crew growing brand is getting more playful and quirky. The brocade shorts, the blazers, the sporty boy-meets-girl separates presented in uplifting mix of spring-like colors, has me wishing spring was right here, right now. Take a peek below and get let these collections give you an inkling of what you might be wearing and talking about come Spring. Probably worth waiting in line.

Splattered denim! Cobalt blue!

Meanwhile in Milan….xo

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