Lone Ranger

Dressing in the summer in anything that is not going to stick to you, be smelly and revolting by end of the day, is a hard act to follow. In extreme heat, high heel sandals promote blisters and stepping in whatever is vile, and Havianas are no better (albeit more comfortable). I have therefore decided to show up and dress for the occasion.

Inspired by the upcoming release of The Lone Ranger, starring..can you say super hot Johnny Depp!, I am loving the laid-back casualness, and southwestern chicness of Kate Bosworth’s style and basically anything that involves a bit of a western vibe. The fictional masked ex-Texas Ranger, first captured American audiences over the radio, and if I recall, The Lone Ranger and Tonto fought hard against injustice in America. While I certainly remember the cultural icons mark in history, heroic antics aside, I can distinctly remember what they were wearing.


Outfit creds: Enza Costa snakesin-print chiffon onesie, Rebecca Minkoff ankle boots, Seth Sobek black bag at Anthem Wares, get a similar one here, or here, Jennifer Zeuner hand chain, Skagen watch,  Jennifer Zeuner necklace, Gabriela Artigas necklace and on the top, All Saints fedora.

The western wardrobe, consisting of denim, bandanas, and fringed suede jackets was always considered southwestern chic. As for the grittiness, and the snake charmer, it’s an untold tale. Putting my bets down on wearing onesies, casual dresses, snake-skin prints, cowboy boots, and turquoise jewelry, the time to embrace the country life is nigh. Whether you make your home in the city or on the range, look westward for inspiration where the sun always shines.


In today’s edition of The Fashion Hunter, here’s to more utility dressing. Unitards are reminiscent of Spider Man, and overalls aren’t meant to be in worn in the city, but I don’t care. Hi Ho Silver, its Lone Ranger time. Plain and simple, change your denim shirt for tank, throw on some cowboy boots, and you’re ready for anything.




Photos: Jim D’Angelo

Stay cool. And get ready for any adventure. Happy Wednesday!



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