Layering 101

I have yet to show up at an event naked, but it takes some brain work to get from shower to closet to what am I going to wear today to fully dressed to deciding on my location du jour.  I started this not so skillfully mined layering story with one piece in mind, the DKNY cape dress, the LBD. As plain jane as it may seem, it’s anything but. Simple, yet so much more. Its the perfect segue to the wonderful world of accessorizing. A black sleeveless crepe dress with long slits down the side. Worn just on its own I’d look like a nun.. well let’s not go there. The real reason I featured this dress is because it’s so practical, it screams BUY ME! And… if you blink, the dress will be gone. Poof! (I actually bought this cape tunic after getting off a long wait-list, and I usually don’t wait for fashion). This dress can be worn to the many upcoming holiday parties, New Year’s Eve, a job interview, heck, even a brunch date. So without further ado, here is the most coveted dress on twitter (wink, wink) the best investment you will ever make. I kid you not.

It started right here with a white Theory turtleneck, fitted, crisp, and of-the-moment being a short sleeve number which I coupled with black opaque tights. Sorry about the squinting; the sun was glaring as I was shooting sans sunnies.

And now the accessorizing begins. Bangles, bracelets, and fanciful glittery things. The more the merrier. And to throw the nun thought out of your mind, I added sherpa-lined biker wedged boots from Luxury Rebel, the ultimate rocker flavor of the day.

 Accessories left to right: silver leather, rhinestone cuff and leather stretch cuff, variety of bangles,all stylist’s own.

Turquoise skull earrings add an element of surprise purchased at a little shop somewhere.

Amazing vintage playing neckwear by Dannijo.

And now for a little bit of bad-ass:

I haven’t worn this vintage Adrienne Landau vest in a long time, but it was a fabulous find at Ina, the ultimate consignment shop down in Nolita. These turquoise arm sweaters exist for a well-needed pop of color and because it’s coooold outside. My new favorite rhinestone Dannijo cuff worn outside the sweater. Alexander Wang slouchy wool cap. And last but not least my Devi Kroll crushed leather hobo bag.

And in an instant, I have transformed the black cape dress into the above photo (using instagram) without even remembering where I started. Constructive post? I’ll say. Now go get dressed. Here’s to NOT being naked. Tis’ the season of the cape. It’s Monday after all.

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