Keeping Warm

I find all the commotion about what’s hot in-store exhausting. Not to be a Scrooge as end-of-year festivities come rolling around, but all I want to do is get out of my skinny jeans, into my PJ’s and shop online. And that as we all know, is not a possibility. There’s the H&M Neiman Marcus collaboration, shops that lure you in with their gigantic SALES, and the ubiquitous jingle bells.`Tis the season.

If this past Thanksgiving weekend taught me anything, besides how to make yummy gingerbread, it’s that staying comfortable and chic at the same time, during the cold and windy days can be challenging. Yesterday I was in Soho, and the wind practically blew my little 5′ frame off the streets. New Yorkers lured at me in their all-black everything checking out the ironic girl on the curb. “Wearing black is boring.” I wanted to scream . “Add some texture to your face, your feet. Why don’t you?” But, I refrained.

December means holiday parties, office soirées, drinks after-work, late dinners, late nights. And dry skin. By now you should know the drill. You don’t want to give the impression that you are a schlepper when you really are a productive uber-doer–running errands, going to the gym, heading to work, picking up the kids multi-tasker. Here’s where my lazy, cozy, what-to-wear this weekend into-the-holidays collage might lend a helping hand. For the fashion girl who really just wants in on the comfort zone, I’ve literally got you covered.  TGIF!

1. Eugenia Kim beanie. The cutest hat I have seen out there.

2. Mou shearling boots. They blow UGG boots out of the water. You won’t need the vaccine.

3. Pieces snood at Asos

4. Gucci ear muffs. If you’re going to do one piece, get these.

5. Dolce and Gabbana Tapestry boots. Strike a pose.

6. Anthropologie glimmer scopic gloves

Collage by Carina Gupta

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