A Staycation in New York City

A Staycation in New York City

A Staycation in New York City

Galimer top, SHOP SIMILAR

Rag & Bone tech jeans

Alaia coat

Manolo Blahnik shoes

Hey December! The holidays have you stressed? After a nice, relaxing, long holiday weekend, it’s hard to dive right back into work, a routine, and the post-Election blues. And the on and off fickle weather certainly doesn’t help. Furthermore, the impending dates, parties, appointments, when you need to buy, prepare, shop, see, do, are all in the sightline. Did you notice all of those words are action verbs? It is during this stressful time that I try to schedule time to unwind. Before bed, I turn off my computer or phone, read, and try to meditate at least twice a week. But my mind and body were in need of more of a time out. I needed to get away. The only way to accomplish this was to take a staycation in my own backyard. Stay tuned below for a guide on a staycation in New York City.

The possibilities are endless of what to do during a staycation in the big city, especially when exploring a new area that is unfamiliar to you. I am so used to coming up with ideas for tourists and visitors to the city, but thanks to the Beekman Hotel, I enjoyed exploring a new area, the financial district. It is inspiring to challenge my daily routine and come up with fun things to do.

For this outfit, I wore an animal print silk top with fur sleeves, studded jeans, metallic shoes and a fringe coat. If you can’t go bold during the holiday season, then when? The holidays is the perfect time to break out all the glitter, sequins, fringe, and metallic detailsYou’re the party – bring it on!

Here is what I did on my staycation in New York City

1. See Art. I trekked to the New Museum to see the Pippoliti Rist Exhibit, a series of films the artist produced. They were so relaxing and inspiring, I encourage all of you to go.

2. Find serenity. I went to the Aire Ancient Baths for some peace of mind. I spent several hours relaxing in the many different pools and rooms at the baths. While you’re there, check out the one hundred and three degree tub! The staff is super nice and you are treated like a King or Queen. Speaking of feeling like a King, this is how the Romans must of bathed. It was absolutely refreshing.

3. Shop, shop, shop. I love to window shop, and I found cool ones worth noting while browsing around.

4. See a show. While I always want to get to a matinee, there never is enough time in the day due to obligations.

I highly recommend booking something either with a friend or by yourself in the next month. It really paid off and my stress levels are that much lower because of it.

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