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How To Pee in A Gingham Jumpsuit During NY Fashion Week

how to pee in a jumpsuit during ny fashion week

how to pee in a gingham jumpsuit

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How to pee in a gingham jumpsuit during NY fashion week

First of all, I probably grabbed your attention due to the nature of this title, but it’s a subject that might sound taboo but it’s real. The short answer to the longer question, is you don’t. Getting dressed in a major rush is super difficult and getting undressed with back zipper, forget it. I found that hotels, and hotel restaurant owners were the kindest in this manner. Also, when you finally get to that bathroom, all jumpsuits rest on the floor of the stall. So, that’s gross. As much as I have to go to the bathroom, I have learned my lesson many times over. That being said, I still love jumpsuits, and will continue to go through the kind of experience I have already lived through. Although maybe not during fashion month. How to pee in a gingham jumpsuit during NY fashion week? Here are some answers.

Wear a gingham top instead.

Every season before fashion week begins, I diligently jot down all the fashion I am going to wear to events and shows. Due to the nature of fashion week, that crazy busy schedule, I am eager to set up a temporary closet in my bedroom and take photos of everything I would wear and on which day. That formula always works. There is no confusion. I love the addition of gingham to my wardrobe that can be worn in this transition season from summer to fall.

gingham top


Here are some of my current favorites

Get an assistant

Somebody that can help you get in and out of your outfit? Yes, that works too. Easier said than done. Unless you are willing to give up loads of money allotted to pay rent in this city, you’re screwed. anybody out there want a job? There’s more to it than getting me dressed, I promise.


Don’t identify yourself, wear shades.

In this circumstance, this might be the most important tip. Hide your identity as much as possible. Run out of of there with a smile. Get a great pair of shades.




Over and out New York fashion week.. For now.

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