Home Inspired

I have been thinking a lot about what makes a home, a home. I am always out and about when the weather is warm, but when winter sets in, I can’t feel my fingers, and the lights of the holiday season are over, I would love a warm place to call home. I have been selectively looking at beautifully crafted objects i.e: furniture and pillow accents and have created a Houzz account to put my inspirations. My home needs some TLC and there are places to find great pieces if you just carve out some space and time in your life to start. Home inspired.

One of my resolutions for 2016 is to invest more time into creating a wonderful living space. home inspired


Nailed it framed art / Gold leaf cabinet / pendant blown glass / Robert Zizzo Modlife bronze sculpture /

beveled glass art deco mirror / west elm loveseat / metrix coffee table

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