Here’s The Skinny

Yes, it’s today! Today, 9.9 is my birthday. But I won’t cry, even if I want to, because I have much to celebrate. Just take a look back for a minute.

My birthday used to fall on the first day of school, and that was always a drag. Nobody remembered it was my birthday except for the teachers who mentioned it during class and there was no instagram or snapchat or Facebook to prove its worth. When I had a 9 to 5 job, there was the traditional office party consisting of oversized saccharine-filled cupcakes with the requisite number of candles, and a few bottles of cheap wine. Quite festive, but it blew over quickly.

Fast forward a couple of years, and my birthday seems to always coincide with Fashion week, for sure fashion month. They city has so much energy and vibrancy that I don’t mind heading to the shows on my day. It’s a Virgo party across the board in the fashion industry with insanely organized, overly hyper Type A people on and off-the-catwalk that like to strut their stuff. Frankly, we are all in this together so I will never feel alone.

For what I wore the first day of NYFW, flats like I promised I would, and paired those comfortable shoes with a vintage skinny silk scarf from Chlo√©, and all white as a base coat. Because it was 90 degrees this week, that’s why and it’s still summer on my calendar.

So what’s the skinny? Skinny scarves! They are a thing. Trust.


skinny scarves

white jeans

Wearing: Alexander Wang T-shirt // Tess Giberson vest // Frame denim white jeans // Flatform Birks // Timo Weiland backpack // Celine sunnies

skinny scarf and white jeans

white jeans

skinny scarf and white jeans

white jeans

Get the look here:



Photos: Lydia Hudgens

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